As you learned while exploring Coastal, we have most of the tools you will need to build your business already in place. Along with the Tools, we have a simple System to introduce people to these Tools and lead them to an informed decision. This System, when followed, works quickly and helps new recruits see quicker results.

This web site was designed to provide a place for Coastal Associates worldwide to have access to the Official Tools of Coastal Vacations.

The calls, documents, and vendors that are listed on this web site are the ONLY ones that are part of the Official Coastal System.

If a well-meaning Director or Group has recommended other web sites, conference calls, seminars, and/or business-building tools that are NOT LISTED HERE, please be mindful that they are NOT Coastal Approved. Please use caution when using such tools or attending such conference calls or seminars. The information represented by such tools may be inaccurate -- perhaps fraudulent-- please use extreme caution.

The Board of Directors and the Leadership Council are Independent Coastal Directors who give freely of their time and effort to help set the direction of Coastal Vacations. They put forth their best efforts to work with vendors in developing systems and tools that are proven to work.

We hope the information on this site will be of assistance in guiding you to a long-term and successful career as an Independent Coastal Director.

Please begin by reviewing the First Steps you should take as a new Coastal Vacations Associate:


Coastal Board of Directors and Leadership Council